Tuesday, February 28, 2012


SO I'm sure you've heard the drama about GFC going away, and to be frank I don't understand a damn bit about what's going on. I do know that Bloglovin' is a good alternative for those who want to follow but don't have their own blog. SOO I'm just putting the option out there should it be easier for you!

There will be a little widget around here to click on and follow through Bloglovin'. Hopefully this helps!! Yay 47 followers btw!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!



  1. I hadn't heard about the hub-bub! Thanks for the heads up... I just put a widget on my blog too! ♥

    1. Good thinkin'! I'm hoping since they're getting rid of a good thing maybe they'll be bringing us a better thing, you know? :)


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