Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hello darlings :) This post is long overdue. I've finally gotten my act together and took pictures of everything beauty-related that I purchased (or received) in the month of April.

Rachael has been a very bad girl.

Pantene conditioner, Simple cleansing wipes, Neutrogena facial wash, and Nivea lotion
First up, Target spring beauty bag! This was free so it doesn't count. 

OPI Nail Envy, Seche Restore, Mary Kay moisturizer, eos lip balm in Summer Fruit
Nail Envy... I hadta. This stuff is a miracle worker. Seche Restore for those old half-bottles of top coat that I refuse to throw away. Moisturizer because I'm obsessed with how soft this stuff makes muh face. And eos balm because... OMG no more explanations, I JUST NEEDED IT 

Fingerpaints- Flashy, Flecked, Inkblot Blue, 15 Minutes of Frame, Pink Perspective

Models Own Hed Kandi Disco Heaven, OPI Houston We Have a Purple, OPI Cool in the Pool, OPI Rainbow Connection, Cult Nails My Kind of Cool-Aid and Manipulative. 
need, need, need, need, need, need. nuff said.

OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise, MAC Ice Cream Cake, Jesse's girl... can't remember the name, Lacquer Convention Elphaba


Zoya Breezi, Petra, Dove, Perrie, Kieko, Jem

This is not color accurate. Wtf camera

Zoya Wednesday, Zuza, Kate, Belle, Coraline
 again, not color accurate. I swear the Blogger collection has three different colors, unlike the pic- they look identical! lame
Julep Portia, Hayden, Helena, Taylor, Demi, Melissa, Penelope

OPI Crown Me Already, DS Shimmer, Pirouette My Whistle, Don't Mess With OPI
 found Shimmer at a dusty... no silver cap. "I changed it, it was dirty." Still gorgeous, but I wish it had the cap!
Orly Decades of Dysfunction, Royal Navy, Revlon... something... and Cloud

China Glaze Stella, Royal Tease, International Flare, Golden Enchantment
 found at a dinky little nail supply. It was so messy, I asked if they'd just moved in... "No, we've been here for three years." MY bad
Deborah Moneysucking Lippmann Mermaid's Dream, butterLONDON The Black Knight


I'm in trouble.

Friday, May 25, 2012

OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

Hello everyone! Tonight's post is a quick one, but this polish is truly gorgeous. OPI Just Spotted the Lizard from the Spiderman collection is a dupe for Chanel Peridot, and I've always lusted after it. Check out the pics to see the amazing multichrome color change.

Pictured is three easy coats. JStL can get a little streaky, but it was totally worth it for such an amazing color! Top coat of SV. :)

I'm hoping to have a blog sale soon! Keep your eyes peeled for some indies- Pretty and Polished will definitely be coming up. Love you all!!



Sunday, May 20, 2012

Once Upon a Polish- Scuttle

Hellooo perky ones! Today, er, tonight, we have an indie polish you're gonna need ASAP. Truuust me.
Let's just look at this gorgeousness.

Holy. Crap. This is two coats of Scuttle over one coat of Zoya- Dove. Scuttle is a milky pale grey base filled with black hex, white hex, tiny white hex and a smattering of teensy holo glitters. Dove is identical but glitterless, so it's a perfect base. Scuttle applied perfectly. I did a little fishing for the black glitters just so things would be more uniform, but if you don't mind the beauty of random glitter placement then you can get away with two coats. One coat of SV to top 'er off.

Scuttle is a handmade polish by Kimberly of Once Upon a Polish. Click that link and go check out her other creations- GOO NOOOW. She has lots of Disney themed polishes and you KNOW how I feel about that! Also,  LIKE  her on Facebook! Word has it that she's restocking in a couple weeks. I'm saving up for Flounder, Princess and the Pea, Ursula... ah, I need them all.

SO. PRETTY! Look at that bottle!!!! 

I ordered this polish late one evening and the very next morning Kimberly had processed my order and sent me a tracking number. UH, the girl is good. I received Scuttle four days later, beautifully wrapped in blue bubble wrap and tied up in a gorgeous little gold embossed bag. As my friend Amanda says, presentation is everything, and Kimberly really, really impressed me! Her polishes are $8.50 each and I'd pay more than that for beauties like Scuttle.

Here he is, for comparison:

Please tell me you've seen The Little Mermaid. Don't make me sing to you. 

Under the seeaaaaaa.....


Friday, May 11, 2012


Helllooooo! Last Sunday my family hosted an Alien movie marathon. Not those lame alien movies, either- the legit Sigourney Weaver Alien quadrilogy. (Don't I sound smart? The dudes at our local Nerds R Us store taught me that word)

SO, here's a picture of the alien who noms on pretty much everyone for four glorious movies.

pretty, ain't she?

and here's Ellen Ripley (Sig Weav. I love her.)


So naturally I needed alien nails for the occasion. Of course my aliens turned out much scarier than the ones from the movies, so beware...


So, the alien attempt kinda failed. But I did like the shooting star and the tiny Mars. Pinky is supposed to be the deep, dark space Ripley floated through before crash landing... ah, you just need to watch the movies.

Base: Wet n Wild Black Creme
Index: Sally Hansen Golden-I and Celeb City, striper brush
Middle: Stars- China Glaze OMG. Dots- Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Mars- China Glaze Papaya Punch with Zoya Tanzy on top. Top coat- China Glaze Fairy Dust.
Ring: Alien- Base of Snow Me White for opacity andEssie Pretty Edgy on top. 
Pinky: ChG Fairy Dust

What do you think? Isn't he a cute teddy-alien? :)

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Glittah Sammich!

Hi hi! I've been neglecting you all :( I have swatches galore but I just need time to schedule posts. It's been a shit storm around here! I found out today I need surgery pretty soon. 

image from DIYLOL.com

No, but that would be way cooler maybe. I don't even know what I look like when I cry. My life isn't as tough as Kim K's though, so... y'know. 
I have a consultation coming up and then I'll know exactly when the surgery is. I should be able to post regularly since I'll basically be hanging out doing fun stuff like not eating the oddly shaped green jello. It's really not a big deal- just an annoyance, really.


This is one coat of CND Stickey base coat and two coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu, a lovely milky white from their Ballet Collection. Then I used the dabbing method of OPI Rainbow Connection. I didn't like the glitter distribution on my index finger- too much glitter! I prefer it a little more sparse in a jelly sammich.

Next, two more coats of Don't Touch My Tutu!

 And then one thick coat of Sv Quick Dry. 

It looks like a Funfetti cake! See what I mean about my index finger? Too much glitter. The two OPIs both had a great formula- DTMT was creamy and had excellent application for a sheer jelly. RC was a glitter... nuff said. 

What do you think??

ALSO. I'd love your opinion. I've always loved makeup, especially mascaras and eyeshadows. My main focus of this blog will always be nail polish (my first love <3) but after perusing some awesome beauty blogs I've been buying more makeup lately. Would you like to see swatches and reviews of that stuff, too? Let me know!

Thanks for coming by!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Orly Decades of Dysfunction - Stamped

Hello loves! How are you?

 I'm a terrible blogger. It's been forever since I posted! I don't have a job for the moment, so I will have more time for swatches and posts :) Whee, silver lining!

Anyway, here's a new polish for you. It's Orly Decades of Dysfunction, from the new Dark Shadows collection. There are four polishes and they're all nice, but I liked this one best. It's a pale pinkish white that went on streaky in one coat and had even coverage in two. I really like this color... It's different, but clean and simple. Of course I couldn't leave it alone, so you get some stamping!

Top coat of SV

Stamped with a BM plate and Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire.  I loooveee Kleancolor metallics for stamping. Look how bright blue that is! I had been planning an Autism Awareness mani, and thought this fit the bill even though it's a little late. The stamp kinda looks like ribbons from this angle :) 

I hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by!

PS... haul post tomorrow. I was waiting for a couple beauties to come in and they're finally here, so yay!!