Thursday, July 26, 2012

OPI Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It

Hi everyone! Today's mani is from earlier this week. First I started with one coat of CND Stickey Base Coat, then two coats of China Glaze Hang-Ten Toes. HTT is a vibrant blue-based pink with a gorgeous shimmer. It dried to a satin finish, so shown below is one coat of Out the Door to make it shine. Application was effortless and dry time was surprisingly fast.

To jazz it up I added a coat of OPI Nothin' Mousie Bout It, from the Minne Mouse collection earlier this summer. NMBI is a sheer pink base filled with iridescent pink glass flecks and heart shaped glitters. The hearts are a pain in the ass to apply if you like uniformity, but I didn't have to fish too much. I stamped a bow on my ring finger with a random plate from and Kleancolor Metallic Black. Out the Door topped it all off.

As adorable as the glitter is, I picked at the hearts all day. Maybe if I had a coat of Gelous or something on top it wouldn't have bothered me so much, but those little free edges.. grrr! MUST PICK 

What do you think?? This mani was fun but I got tired of it a little faster than I thought. I'm a little more impatient now!

What bothers you most about glitter?

Cupcakes for everyone

<3 Rachael

Monday, July 23, 2012

China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard

HI! Welcome to The First Post After The Hiatus!

I'm so excited to be back. This week will be full of fun polish swatches I've been dying to show you. They may not be the most recent collections but they're bright and shiny and full of YAY. 

First up is... I'm with the Lifeguard- China Glaze. This green beauty is part of the 2012 Summer Neons collection. I feel slightly like an emcee at a date auction..

IWTL is a perfect springy lime green with a subtle shimmer. Shown is two effortless coats. I love that these neons don't need a white base coat to really pop. One coat of Out the Door topcoat and voila!

I couldn't do my nails for two weeks, so lately I've been on a stamp-ede... get it?

I have no recollection of which plate this is, but when I find out I'll edit this. I used Kleancolor Metallic Black, my faaavorite stamping polish, and stamped some adorable little suns! Can you see the shimmer in the Kleancolor? I love the metallic flecks in my stamps- just gives them a little somethin' somethin'.

In hindsight this would have looked better with the index and middle finger designs switched, but whatev. It was hardly noticeable on the nail.

OMG MY FIRST MACRO. Can you see the shimmer sorta? Okay, kinda lame for a macro but I was so stoked to have figured it out!! YAY

What do you guys think of I'm with the Lifeguard? These were mostly out of stock at my local Sally's, but they are available other places, like Beauty Brands and Ulta, so you may still be able to snag it!

Hope you're having a great week! <3


Friday, July 20, 2012



Here's a quick update before I get to the good stuff:

-I had surgery three weeks ago today. It sucked hairy balls. The gross kind.
-I'm not healing like I should, so I'm on couchrest for an indefinite amount of time. Most of the past three weeks, I've been watching Weeds and buying polish, makeup, music, clothes... Motto is, buy all the online things! I can't drive my sorry ass anywhere and the fam is getting sick of playing chauffeur (I love that word!!) but I don't care, someone is taking me to Sally's today and that's that!
-I ordered the new Bundlemonster 2012 plates and can. not. wait to get stampin'. They should be here in a few days so be ready for a review!
-I will be introducing some different types of posts, some not nail related. I hope to review some new MAC eyeshadows I've purchased recently, and maybe show an EOTD.
-Also, be ready for some hair posts. I have fabulous locks and they're begging to be looked at by someone other than my dog, Baxter. He sleeps with me all day and we often share malts and pillows, but does he appreciate a gorgeous sock bun? No. Not unless it's dipped in BBQ. I'm sure we'll see that at Fashion Week 2032.

ANYWAY, I love you guys and I can't tell you how much I have missed blogging. I was sporadic before surgery and I may still be for a little while, but I am bored shitless and desperately need some fun in my life. :) I'm currently on a major indie kick (aren't we all?) and I have a few new babies that need to be properly oohhed and aahhed over. I should be getting in some more Once Upon a Polish beauties, too- maybe next week!

I will never feature a Lynderella on this blog. Nuff said.

I'm about to pass out but first I'm going to make my brother take me to Sally's. The girls there are so, so sweet. A few of them drove to other stores quite some distance away to pick up a few Summer Neons I missed, so I'm really excited to go get them.

Also, I think I found a couple HTF lovelies at a dusty nearby. I try to only buy a few at a time or the ladies get creepy on me, so I need to go back. OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte for example!

Cupcakes for everyone.

<3 Rachael