Sunday, May 20, 2012

Once Upon a Polish- Scuttle

Hellooo perky ones! Today, er, tonight, we have an indie polish you're gonna need ASAP. Truuust me.
Let's just look at this gorgeousness.

Holy. Crap. This is two coats of Scuttle over one coat of Zoya- Dove. Scuttle is a milky pale grey base filled with black hex, white hex, tiny white hex and a smattering of teensy holo glitters. Dove is identical but glitterless, so it's a perfect base. Scuttle applied perfectly. I did a little fishing for the black glitters just so things would be more uniform, but if you don't mind the beauty of random glitter placement then you can get away with two coats. One coat of SV to top 'er off.

Scuttle is a handmade polish by Kimberly of Once Upon a Polish. Click that link and go check out her other creations- GOO NOOOW. She has lots of Disney themed polishes and you KNOW how I feel about that! Also,  LIKE  her on Facebook! Word has it that she's restocking in a couple weeks. I'm saving up for Flounder, Princess and the Pea, Ursula... ah, I need them all.

SO. PRETTY! Look at that bottle!!!! 

I ordered this polish late one evening and the very next morning Kimberly had processed my order and sent me a tracking number. UH, the girl is good. I received Scuttle four days later, beautifully wrapped in blue bubble wrap and tied up in a gorgeous little gold embossed bag. As my friend Amanda says, presentation is everything, and Kimberly really, really impressed me! Her polishes are $8.50 each and I'd pay more than that for beauties like Scuttle.

Here he is, for comparison:

Please tell me you've seen The Little Mermaid. Don't make me sing to you. 

Under the seeaaaaaa.....



  1. Yes, I've seen it...but you totally have to sing to me anyway. :o)

  2. I freakin' love this colour so much!

    And the Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies!

  3. Jealous!! I was just looking at scuttle and flounder tonight! I was crazy obsessed with the little mermaid when I was little. I especially loved flounder! I even remember eating flounder for dinner when I was younger only because it was called flounder, as crazy weird that sounds when I look back on it lol.


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