Saturday, May 5, 2012

Orly Decades of Dysfunction - Stamped

Hello loves! How are you?

 I'm a terrible blogger. It's been forever since I posted! I don't have a job for the moment, so I will have more time for swatches and posts :) Whee, silver lining!

Anyway, here's a new polish for you. It's Orly Decades of Dysfunction, from the new Dark Shadows collection. There are four polishes and they're all nice, but I liked this one best. It's a pale pinkish white that went on streaky in one coat and had even coverage in two. I really like this color... It's different, but clean and simple. Of course I couldn't leave it alone, so you get some stamping!

Top coat of SV

Stamped with a BM plate and Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire.  I loooveee Kleancolor metallics for stamping. Look how bright blue that is! I had been planning an Autism Awareness mani, and thought this fit the bill even though it's a little late. The stamp kinda looks like ribbons from this angle :) 

I hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by!

PS... haul post tomorrow. I was waiting for a couple beauties to come in and they're finally here, so yay!!




  1. No more pushing panties? Your stamping is awesome!

    1. Nope, no more panties that aren't my own. It's a long story but I think it's for the best. And thanks! I'm hoping to get more plates for my birthday in June since I can't afford them now, haha. Oh well. Bundlemonster has a new set coming out that I just neeeeed!

  2. Oooo I like the two colors together, looks pretty and classy :)

  3. This IS gorgeous!! I didn't even know Orly had a Dark Shadows collection. I would like to start stamping...but am scared.

  4. This looks cute! I love the blue, I didn't think about the Kleancolors for stamping, thanks for the idea.


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