Thursday, March 1, 2012

Check Out My RACK

hehe... dirrrrty title! ;)

My cousin and I found a video tutorial for foam board polish racks. I've been looking for some on the internet, but they're expensive, so this was a great alternative. You can see the tutorial here.

I got the foam boards at WalMart for $2.88 each, and the polka dot duct tape for $3.44. I already had a little box cutter and glue gun. This makes my total cost about $14 after tax. Mine will probably hold about 85-90, give or take, and also given the size of the polishes.

I have to fix the bottom slat. My cat thought it would be nice to pounce on it. Thanks Mia. Other than that, it's very sturdy. The shiny spots are hot glue... haha. They aren't as noticeable in person. Obviously it isn't perfect but it's right beside my desk, and I love it. I keep staring over at my polish instead of doing Intro to Law homework. Whoops...

Half full. I wanna fix those to bottom slats before I put in my China Glaze. I have more polish sitting in a little melmer, so I need another rack already. To alleviate some of this problem...

....this happened!!! It's a little baby one that sits on my desk! Top 3 rows: Sinful Colors. The last row holds top coats and base coats, etc. The fourth row now holds Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear. You can see my Essences and Essies on top of the big rack now.

I love these. Seeing all my polish out is soo nice. I think I'll get a "real" rack sometime when money isn't so scarce, but for now, this works just fine. I still have about 85 polishes hanging out in my melmer. Poor things need space too!!

What do you think of these? How do you house your polish? 
Thanks for coming by :)



  1. Love these! They look great! You know the two racks I just built? I now need a third! LOL

  2. They're beautiful! Both the racks and the bottles of polish!


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