Thursday, March 1, 2012


Just to let everyone know, Sally Beauty Supply has the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection out as of today :) My local Ulta stores did not have it yet, and neither did Beauty Brands. It's a good idea to get this collection at Sally's anyway, if you can. They're 2 for $10 right now, which isn't a promo to beauty club card holders since they're $4.99 regular price anyway. For everyone without a club card, they're usually $5.99 regular price. It's worth it to get the card btw. $5 for a year and you get a discount on every item in the store. 5 polishes and it's paid for itself. ANYWAY.

I bought eight of them.

When I get paid I'm going back for Mahogany Magic, Foie Gras, Hook and Line, and Dress Me Up. The others I snagged because two of my favorite Sally's are already running out, and they're the ones going first. Don't get me wrong, I need the whole collection! I just have to weigh gas for my car and $60 worth of polish against each other.

We all know which will probably win.

Swatches to come! I'M SO FRIGGIN EXCITED.

You can watch the trailer here!

No words to describe how excited I am.



  1. I don't have a single clue about the Hunger Games,nor do I want to.I AM really curious about the retro blond in the promo pics.Why? She doesn't look like the kind of woman in a movie like that from what I've heard about the subject matter,anyway.

  2. That woman is playing the character of Effie Trinket, a sort of counselor or director of the tributes to be a part of the Hunger Games. She comes from the Capitol, which, in the book, is a place of extreme wealth and luxury. Fashion is very important to the people from the Capitol and they wear outrageous clothing and makeup. Katniss is the main character and she comes from a part of their 'world' that is very poor and sad, where most people often go hungry. Effie is the other extreme. That's what makes her cool :)


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