Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kleancolor Teal Marble and Orly Rage

Hello lovely readers! I did this mani last night, when I had a little patience to spare after work. It was my first taping mani and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's definitely not perfect, but it was fun and I'll definitely be doing this again! I started with two coats of Kleancolor Teal Marble, a really pretty shimmery teal with iffy application. I had to reeeallly wait for it to dry before the second coat, and even then I had some dragging. I had great control, though- the brush was nice. After the second coat, I was very pleased. I did a coat of SV to make it less likely to budge after it was taped.

Then I taped off a random angle and I used one perfect coat of Orly Rage, a gorgeous rose gold foil. I loooove this polish, and thought it looked pretty cool and edgy with the teal. Then I used a crappy little brush (my striping brush is missing... hmm) and freehanded the black lines. I liked the way the black separated the colors. I really liked this mani! What do you think??

lamp light

the tape did weird things to my ring finger... lame.

Thank you all for reading! Happy Saturday evening!!!



  1. Wow very great!

  2. oooooooo, girrrrrrl! Very nice!

  3. Hey thanks ladies!! I was pretty proud!!

  4. Great first tape mani! I love the color combo and the black lines do really help separate the colors!


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