Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sinful Colors Bare and Amethyst

Hey sweet readers! I heard that Walgreens has Sinful Colors for $0.99 this week, and I gleefully took advantage of the sale. I only bought five, but I really think I need a few more... Unicorn, Cream Pink, and Bikini... why did I not get them! Silly me. 

So I don't own a single nude polish. After seeing some really beautiful shades of nude, sand, etc, I decided I should definitely have a few! Tempted by 99 measly cents, I picked up Bare. I think Bare is a new Sinful Colors color, 'cause I haven't seen it before. It's exactly my skin tone which surprised me because the bottle looks a little bit pink, but lo and behold, mannequin hands! Fabulous. This is two coats that dried very fast, probably only needed one. Application was perfect- no cleanup needed, and look how shiny without a topcoat! It looks like there is the tiiiiiniest bit of shimmer but it's hard to see on the nail in real life. Beautiful regardless. 

Lamp light, no topcoat 

I have seen some really lovely manis with a nude base and black design or stamp, so I played with that a little. All images are BM plates and stamped with Sinful Colors Black on Black. Really fun!

Next up is a gorgeous dusty purple creme, Amethyst. Also Sinful Colors and I was again impressed with the application! This is definitely my favorite drugstore polish and for $1.99 full price, I can totally fit it into my budget. Which always stretches to accomodate polish, but whatever! ;)

One coat, no topcoat, and no cleanup. Damn.
lamp light

color accurate

Yay Sinful Colors! I'm so crazy about these two. I picked up a few more so those are coming soon. Hope you like them!

Have an amazing week, and see you again soon.


PS- picked up a few pretties for an imminent giveaway... 50 followers? Get excited, 'cause I can't wait! love you all!


  1. I Love Bare!! I just picked it up today and think it may be my new fave pinky/nude!! Just subbed to your blog!! Happy Monday!!

    1. Thank you thank you! I think my next nude mani will have some kind of funky french business.. oohhh maybe red!

  2. LOVE this nude! Will have to go look for it! I am an advocate for SC! They are so cheap & yet GOOD! I mean I don't have to pay 8 bucks for a polish, if i can find a dupe in SC for 1 something :) Love them! haha :)

    Will be following you now <3 :)

    1. Thank you for following and commenting! I completely agree. SC rocks my socks off. I've bought eleven in the past two days. Woooops!!

    2. hahah I don't blame ya ;)
      I think the first time I saw them I bought 10 at once. I mean 10 polishes and it came up for like 18 bucks? uh YES PLEASE! haha :) I love finding awesome colors that don't break my college student bank ;)


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