Friday, February 10, 2012

Major blogging fail...

Hi everyone. I am sooo sorry for being MIA over the past week. I won't get too far into the details but as it turns out, the stomach virus I thought I had was much more severe and I ended up sicker than I've ever been... ever! I was not a happy girl. I tried to paint my nails several times and the smell, which I normally don't even notice, made me nauseas. (I always have trouble spelling that word. is that right? haha) Anyway I am on the strongest antibiotics a person can be prescribed and I feel much, much better. On the plus side, from not eating/being sick I lost 12 pounds in 7 days! Woo, silver lining!

So! I was going to post right now but I think I need to make an Ulta/Sally's/Beauty Brands shopping excursion to treat myself for battling the angry tummy all week. Any excuse to buy too much polish, as if there is such a thing!

I will absolutely be back with a post tonight, and I'm so excited to get back in the swing of things. I missed all of you and have been keeping up with your blogs to tide me over. So, off I go, and I'll talk to you tonight come hell or high water!!



  1. Sorry to hear it. But I so need what you have...12 pounds! LOL If you are shopping...I hear that Walgreens will have Sinfuls on sale for $.99 12-18 Feb. And I know that my JCP Salon has the new OPI Hollands 2 for $6 each. Glad to hear you are doing better! I need you to visit my're one of the few who comment! LOL Mermaid mani today!

    1. Omgosh 99c Sinfuls... I'll be buying all the ones I keep thinking about and putting down because I'm poor. For some reason, dollar polishes seem so much cheaper than $1.99. I'm dumb haha. Thanks so much for telling me! I'm off to check out yo new posts! ;)


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