Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inky Bombshell + Sap... Beware

Hello darling readers! I'm a happy girl today. Worked all day and came home to comfy pants and a cupcake sock. (the other has zigzags.. we know I don't match my socks!) I wanted desperately to go polish shopping but I didn't get to work at all for the past two weeks, so my paycheck was $0... and Valentine's day is right around the corner. My poor sweet boyfriend is getting handmade gifts and I'm probably wearing jeans to dinner. Ha! We'll see. 

This polish is OPI Ink, a gorgeous dark purple with a pinky purple microglitter. The formula was perfect- opaque in two coats. It dried quickly too. Keeping with the Valentine's Day theme, I decided to do a heart but not in the traditional pinks and reds; the heart for this mani is gold, inspired by my boyfriend. I'm a sap (seriously it's friggin revolting) and I could write poems and novels about how crazy I am about him, but instead I'll give you a just little smidgen, and then we can all groan in unison and move on! ha. 


Brian and I met in October of 2010, and twenty minutes into our first date I was enraptured like I had never been before. I just backspaced a whole paragraph of sappy BS. Moving on. Brian was such a breath of fresh air, and it took about two months for me to learn what that elusive L word really felt like. I didn't love him like I love cupcakes, or like I love kittens, or like I love nutella... and I friggin LOVE that shit. No, what I felt was overwhelming, and it astounds me to this day. This love is so scary and bright and bigger than me, or him, or the life we have. It's the knowledge that I would lay down and die for him without a second thought. DAMN.

I have a serious skin condition and most of the time I feel awful. I've had surgeries, procedures, radiation, countless meds and tears and doctors. I don't wish I didn't have it- It makes me who I am. But I never thought someone would love me past my scars. He does, and I know he always will. He's selfless, he's kind, and he truly has a heart of gold. okayI'mdoneIpromiseI'msorrrryyyy

HEY OPI Ink, you're pretty. 

why are you so beautiful

there's a glare but GAH look at that shimmah

wittle heart!

The heart is done with a little heart stamp from a BM plate filled in with China Glaze Blonde Bombshell, a gorgeous gold glitter that I can't stop looking at.

in my top 10 polishes, easily

I'm sorry for the ubergross love stuff up there, but I'm a writer and sometimes I just need to be poetic. I love this mani. Purple and gold are royal colors or some shit and this feels pretty damn kingly. Queenly?

I love you guys :) So happy to have my amazing 36 followers. I hope you enjoy my silly posts and average swatches because I so enjoy doing them for you. 

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!



  1. LOVE that purple! And I enjoyed your sappy rant...very sweet. I knew I would marry my hubberoo the night I met him, which I did exactly one year later. Our 10th anni is next month. Don't ever apologize for being sappy...not enough of it in the world these days.

    1. Ginaaa you're so sweet. This comment made me smile big time. Congrats on ten years! That's amazing! I can't wait for ten years with B-man. Maaaybe I'll be finished with school by then... ha! Fat chance!

  2. Aw Rachael, I just found your blog thanks to Gina Marie (whose blog I also found today!) And I *heart* your sappyness! Heartfelt is good! :) Hi from Wisconsin!


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