Thursday, February 23, 2012 Nail Mail!

Heeey! Last week I bought a coupon on for a $40 certificate to for just $20. I was also a new member, so I got $15 off my first order. Essentially my purchase was $5 total, and free shipping!! (Note: I heard that within a few hours, the coupon had changed to 20% off of the order. I got lucky! Not sure if it is still available.) emailed me my coupon code within a few hours. I'm a frugal girl, so this deal made me so happy. Thank you to Lizzy from The Do It Yourself Lady for posting about this awesome bargain. has an amazing array of beauty products. Hair care, skin care, makeup, and of course polish. They carry Megan Miller, some OPI, Essie, Zoya, and assorted Sally Hansen. I chose five Zoyas and ordered them on the 17th. My order shipped the 20th and arrived yesterday, the 22nd. I am incredibly pleased with how quickly and efficiently operates! So here's the box I received.

Pink tissue paper and a hand written card. Seriously? I love this so much. I know it only took a second, but that second was for me and that makes me so, so happy I shopped with Little efforts like this one make such a lasting impression. You've got me hooked, Bloom!! I'll be back so soon!

When you make an order with, you get to pick three samples. I love that you choose your own. I picked a Sundari hair oil treatment, Stila shadow samples, and a POP Beauty face primer, all in a cute little silver bag. So stoked to try these!

My five new pretties were all wrapped up in polish burritos. 

yes, that is a gingerbread man placemat underneath. ya dig?

Caitlin, Areej, Mira, Lolly, and Phoebe 

Mira leaked a tiny bit, but not enough to make any difference. No problem at all!

Now I have all three Mod Mattes. :)

Overall, I am beyond ecstatic about my experience with Zoyas retail for $8. I will be ordering from them all the time as of... now! YAY. 

Thanks for looking! 

giveaway soon.....hehe

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