Thursday, January 26, 2012


DISCLAIMER: This post is not nail polish related. Instead, you will be delighted (maybe), awed (prolly not), and dazzled (twilight much?) by a random list of Rachisms. Yes, that's right. Rachisms.

Hurr's some tidbits about me.

1. I love cupcakes. Not so much so I can eat them, but so I can look at them. I have a cupcake coin bank, cupcake earrings, cupcake socks, and awesome cupcake zipper pouch that I may or may not have made myself. Okay okay, I totally did. Sewed that shit and everything.
2. I never match my socks. It's always nice when I can look down my feet and see little pops of colors, like whatever I dragged out of my sock drawer early in the morning before class. I have two drawers actually.
3. I work at a popular lingerie chain. I won't say the name just in case I pitch a fit about something related to it. No slander here!! No way! (btw bras and panties... after a year, they suck. hard. and so do the snotty rich women that come in to buy them. not all of the customers are snotty rich women. there are some really cool people that shop with us. but mostly they're snotty. and rich. and womanly. wait what?)
4. The f key on my laptop is all wonky. I love that word. Wonky. If I try to type out fffuuucc etc, i end up with uuucc. cause. you know. wonky.
5. My boyfriend is my saving grace. I'm a little crazy and a lot obnoxious, and he puts up with me.
6. I'm not skinny, I'm not a model, I'm not flawless, and I'm not Scarlett Johansson "curvy". I'm real, and I'm squishy, and I'm so very happy. A little jiggle never killed anyone. Cushion for the pushin'. Ohh I said that oh stop
7. I'm listening to this song right now.

Gypsy and the Cat - Jona Vark. They're weird and they're mellow and this is the only song I know, but I effing love it. Listen to the beginning. Please.
8. I have three cats and three dogs and a bird and fifteen koi. The koi are my mom's, like the bird.
9. I am firmly against the buying and selling of domestic cats and dogs. ie, breeding. There are too many in pounds and shelters that need homes. /endrant. i love my babies. i found two cats wandering the open road, two dogs same way, and i got my siamese Lily from a pound. I'll tell that story sometime. It's a good'n.
10. Despite my crazy typing, I'm an English Literature major and I actually have decent grammar. Promise! I wanna be a lawyer one day.
11. I love nail polish, buuut I'm poor. I have trouble buying colors that are similar to something I already have, and I won't buy a polish for the brand. Again, poor. Sorry Chanel Peridot. You can't come home with me. Sorry Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, get back on the friggin shelf.

Soo if this wasn't weird enough I may post more stuff like it. I love late night ramblings.

And I love you guys. All 20 of you. Plus you other jerks that flip through my blog and don't like my cuticles so you don't follow. they don't like you either. omg i'm kidding. my cuticles suck. that should be the name of this blog..

wow all of you are going to unfollow when you read this. Sorrrrry.... this is how I am. Weird. And I like it. oh, and because this is a polish blog, here's some nails.

seriously, what did you expect?


  1. Alright, I just "met" you recently as one new blogger to another and you just became one of my new favorite people! Great post! And your 20 followers out did my SIX! Oh, and kudos on using wonky...I thought I was the only non-brit that does that. Now there are two of us! LOL

    1. Haha!! Thank you so much! I get so weird at night and I was like, what the hell I'm posting this crap! You're very sweet :) Glad we can be new polish buddies!! YAAAY

  2. Omgness, lol, that was a great post. I am big on the mismatched sock thing, all my life my mother has complained about it. Now that I have kids of my own
    I often purposely mismatch their socks just to make my mom crazy (bad girl I know) and have one pic of the boys with Santa where you can clearly see a halloween sock peeking out and she will never forgive me for it :P And i am 1000% on the boat with you regarding the chanel/deb lippmann thing, peridot is awesome tho!

    1. yay! thanks so much :) I looove random holiday socks! I wore an easter sock and a thanksgiving sock on Christmas once... haha. My mom also hates it! What's funny is that tons of kids in my area are doing it now. It's been awhile since I was in middle and high school but I like to think I was a trendsetter. You and me both! ;)

  3. I seriously laughed out loud at least 3 times reading this. Much needed on this Monday! Loving your blog Rachael! :)

    1. If you laughed even a little then I did my job!! So glad you do, hope to see you around!! Thanks for reading :)


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