Saturday, January 28, 2012

OPI DS Fantasy

Hello lovelies. I was dusty hunting yesterday 'cause the old panty store paid me my meager bimonthly wages. yaay. Soooo off I went from salon to salon, peddling my "I'm a collector" story, when I came across this little gem. The silver cap caught my eye and whabam, it's DS Fantasy. I don't know exactly when it came out... 2007 maybe? It's a gorgeous deep blue with a mysterious inner shimmer and sparkle. It's not exactly holographic, but in the pics you can see a little tiny bit of holo sparkle. It applied like butter in one coat. These pics are before cleanup :) Oh, and fab cuticles right? Ugh. Top coat of SV. 

Lamp light 

laaamp. i love lamp. i do. i love it.

uhh i think my picha taking skills are getting better.... maybe. :)



natchurall light. window and stuff. SPARKLESNSHIT

i think this pic is the best one. i feel professional! ish. anyway isn't this pretty?? i feel like if those little shiny spots made nose it'd be "bliiiiing!"

yay! dusty hunting! i picked up a few more so i'll have those coming soon. :) let me know what you think of this mani! and, what have you picked up from dusty hunting lately? thanks so much for coming!!

btw... tell your friends! i picked up a couple more polishes for the future giveaway! i'm thinking... 50 followers? i'd love for lots of people to get a chance to win, so spread the word :)

have a wonderful day!!!


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