Monday, January 30, 2012

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

...when you're faaast asleeeep... OMGCINDERELLA

Here's the dish.

I have a stomach bug. Couldn't go to class today, couldn't do much of anything. So. Annoying. I was going stir crazy, and when that happens... I shop. I finally had to leave the house and there's a Walgreens riiiight down the street, so that's where I ended up. Okay moooviingooon, I found a new Sinful Colors display. Well, it was more like a few little rows of polishes pretending to be a display. Here's a bad cell phone pic.

Correction: REALLY bad cell phone pic. There was a rude lady eyeballing my Cinderellas and she was about to get a smackdown, so it's a little blurred. Okay, don't remember the names... But we have a pretty medium green, a nice shimmery medium blue, CINDERELLA, a light peachy pink, a lovely medium purple I forgot to get, a pale shimmer, hot shimmery pink called Bikini I think, a pale pale pink, and a color that looks exactly like Bikini but is really not, and yet another potential Zoya Charla dupe, maybe called Starry? OMG long winded. 

Disney's Cinderella, in her beautiful sparkly dress that I always envied when I was a kid... and maybe still do, whatever... 

I grabbed two Cinderellas and might get the last one. I only need one, so I'm considering putting the other in a giveaway soon, unless someone wants to swap :) I haven't done one yet and I'd absolutely love to. Hint hint! 

Sinful Colors Cinderella is a beautiful pale blue with pink glass flecks that shift to gold at the right angle. Of course my camera sucks and refused to capture the shimmer. It also made this polish look gritty, and after three coats it's pretty damn smooth, so ignore that. In all these pics do not do this polish justice. It is absolutely beautiful. I can feel a Disney-inspired mani coming on...

here's a little fun fact about me. I've been to Disneyworld every year since I was two. My grandfather took me, and he passed away a few years ago. He was 82 the last time he took us to Florida and there were still some rides he would get on with enthusiasm. I miss him very much, and all things Disney remind me of him and help me cope. I'm thinking of a tattoo of the castle... maybe. :)

So, when I saw Cinderella, I had to have her! :)

three coats, no topcoat, florescent lighting 

"We have to help Cinderelly!"


I apologize for the awful pictures. You can see the pink glass fleck a little better in my thumb in that last pic. 

SO, yay Disney, and YAY Sinful Colors, because this polish is a definite win. It isn't like anything I have in my stash. 

oh, and just for fun...

                      seriously Jaq and Gus Gus, get cuter. Ohhh but you can't. /presh

EDIT: I originally posted this with shittastical pictures and couldn't live with myself, so I retook some and I think these are better. I apologize if you saw the bad ones! *hangs head in shame*


  1. May have to raid my local Walgreens...very pretty! And yeah, every body needs a polish called Cinderella.

  2. Damn you, Rachael! Had to run to Target and thought, Walgreens isn't too far. Next thing I know, *Bippity-Boppity-Boo*, Cinderella is coming home with me. And Essie's new Go Overboard came aboard for the ride...and I couldn't let go of Let Me Go, so it came home, too. Oh, and Black on Black because, well, you can never have enough black. And it's all your fault! LOL

  3. So pretty! Cinderella was one of my fave Disney movies growing up.


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