Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Spongicure!

I may or may not have made up that word. Haha... just in case, I won't take any credit :) Today I wanted something bright and fun, and since I actually had time during the day I took advantage of the nice lighting outside. It's very windy and cloudy here but the pics I took turned out rather alright, especially when compared to the pics I've taken before!

Sooo on to the gooods. I started with a base of Zoya- Ali, a really gorgeous hot pink that dries to a satin finish. I found this beauty on sale at Ulta and had to have her. I probably say that a lot.. haha. This is two coats of Ali since it's a little streaky, but that may have just been my application. I'm no professional! On my ring finger is one perfect coat of Orly- Sweet Peacock. I can't get over how beautiful this blue is. Deep and metallic, with dreamy one coat application. Orly really astounds me again and again. This first pic is the most color accurate. Ali is not a peach or a coral, she's a true magenta, and the color didn't come through in the pictures.

Sweet Peacock. Look at that shine!!

then I sponged Sweet Peacock onto my other nails. This is my first time sponging and I really liked the effect. Much easier and faster than stamping.
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a little blurry, but look at that shimmer

topped with a coat of old faithful, Seche Vite Quick Dry


Zoya Ali 

Orly Sweet Peacock

I'm quite happy with the result of this mani. Kinda reminds me of a superhero, though I'm not sure why! 

What do you think? Do you like combos of super bright colors like these two? 

Have a wonderful day!!


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