Wednesday, April 18, 2012

China Glaze Stella, stamped

Hello everyone! How was your day? Mine was wondertabulous. I went to class, gagged on the pretentious morons who think texting is "a destruction of the English language." I beg to differ yall. It's a damned text message. I always use proper punctuation and spelling, but seriously. It's a text. If I pick up a novel and the first words are "Lol cm 2 th 1 plce" I'll vomit, but in a text, who careeees??? UGH

I tell you guys the things I wish I could have told my classmates. Truth is, I'm much sassier in my head. After Lit and Other Shit, I went to a crappy little nail supply I found near my boyfriend's apartment. It looks like it's been friggin burgled and there's crap everywhere, including a tiny Asian boy zooming around on a tricycle (He's adorable.) but they have China Glaze polish I've never seen. I'll be featuring a few in my next few posts and giving one away on facebook coming soon, so check it ouuut!

Anyway, here's Stella. The pictures make it much more red- she's really a vampy red-purple with excellent application. Two quick and easy coats with zilch cuticle drag or pooling. So prett-ay

top coat of Poshe!

I've been dying to do some stamping, so I used China Glaze Passion, a gold almost-foil from the Romantique collection. Gorgeous. I love this combo! So classy. Or something. OH, and BM plate 21.

I hate when the label is slightly off. Really, center that shit. C'mon.

Hope you all liked it! Don't forget to enter the giveaway- ends soooon!



  1. Absolutely love the red coat on your nails.

    Great blog by the way, I am now following :) xx

  2. I have this plate but have not used that design yet but it looks pretty it is very elegant, I just need to get me some red polish!

  3. Great stamping! I looooove the Stella on you!


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